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Welcome to MCTS Real-Time

Your source for updated arrival information for selected vehicle routes.

bus location map

You can also access a "Street View" from this map where you can set a pop-up alert to notify you when a vehicle reaches a given stop.

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Free User Accounts

Your Real-Time account gives you access to automated bus arrival notifications. Set up an account so you can manage email and text alerts.

Real-Time allows you to set up a personal account to receive bus notifications. You can select one or more bus stops to monitor. It is very easy to do; you just need to select a route, direction, bus stop, time span and day of the week you want the notifications sent to you. You will receive an email and/or text alert that contains bus arrival predictions at the stops and times you specified.

Attention Developers: Set up a Real-Time account so you can register for Real-Time Developer API.

A note about delays...

MCTS will not be able to predict accurate arrival times and may not be able to show the bus on our map if a bus goes off its regular route. Also, we will not be able to automatically predict when it will return to normal service.

If a bus is delayed due to an unusual event such as a detour, weather issue or equipment problem, the arrival predictions may remain the same or may increase for that bus. If a bus is unable to move for several minutes due to an unusual event (such as stopped by a freight train at a crossing), arrival estimates will switch from counting down minutes to a "DELAYED" notification. Once the bus begins to move again, arrival estimates will appear again. In the event that a bus stops transmitting data to our servers, it will not appear on this website, even though it is in service.

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